Moriguchi is an island where many people with many different backgrounds live on. It is in a different world from our's, a more mystical world that is currently in the year 2031.

Moriguchi is a dark island that is given life by lanterns and the unique people that inhabit it. It is also known to support LGBT+ people, gay bars being littered all over the place and various flags being painted/hanged everywhere. In addition, a thick forest takes over half of Moriguchi that has various wonders hidden inside it.

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Moriguchi High School Edit

Moriguchi High School is a rather large public outdoors school with lovely conditions and high standards. The staff is known to be strict and bad at noticing bullying at the school with some acceptations. There are 3 classrooms per year, along with 4 floors including the roof.

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Moriguchi, the Floating Island Edit

In this AU Moriguchi is a floating island isolated from all troubles and worries. This AU is a combination of steampunk and fantasy, with darker themes to be found.

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